The End – LAPSE

I was thrilled to be nominated to make an episode for The End web series, created by Claire Duffy. Here’s how Claire summarises the project:

“A device has been invented that’s like a life support machine for the brain. Just as a life support machine makes the heart and lungs function artificially, this “Chip” keeps a brain functioning after death. So the person can walk and talk and think and feel… But they are dead. Are they still the same person they were? Would you care if it was your loved one and the alternative was them being gone forever? What about the legal, moral, ethical implications? That’s where we started. I wrote three episodes and reached out to three actresses who had been on my dream casting hit list forever. They all said yes, nominated the next teams to pick up the story and the rest was history!”

My episode, LAPSE, sees two sisters connect for a video call. Sal can tell something’s off with her sister, Em. But is it that Em’s relapsed again or something more sinister?