Shame is a new mixed media theatre piece that investigates the concept of shame in modern society. It examines how the vilification of female sexuality has evolved alongside technology and questions how far one might go to show support for and solidarity with a stranger in today’s hyper-connected culture.

Vicky had her daughter Keira when she was fifteen. Now Keira is fifteen and a keen vlogger in a world where anyone’s most initmate moments can be recorded and shared. After explicit images are shared online, Keira goes missing and Vicky is left with only the internet to turn to for answers.

Following a period of research and development supported by Creative Scotland and the Tom McGrath Trust, Shame is now in rehearsal for a run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017 as a Tidy Carnage production. Directed by Allie Butler, with video design from Tim Reid and with a digital cast including Sarah Miele, Fiona MacNeil, Sarah McCardie and Linda Duncan McLaughlin, Shame was written and is performed live by Belle Jones.

Premiered at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 3rd-28th August 2017. Assembly George Square Studios.


***** “An important piece of counteraction to an extremely relevant issue.” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

***** “A powerful and incredibly timely piece of theatre.” Last Year’s Girl

**** “A humane, beautiful piece of work.” The List

**** “Genuine and moving.” Broadway Baby

**** “Well-written” Deadline News

Development blogs: Origins of Shame, Development, Work in Progress